Water meter reading

Water meter reading

Our company, established in 2016, has been developing and implementing a comprehensive system that modernizes, simplifies, and makes the process by which the water companies acquire data about consumed water cheaper.

The core of the system is SMG Server and its SMG Client counterpart. They jointly constitute a solution operable both in the cloud or on-premise, and provides a central point for administration of all technologies for remote and walk-by reading in the water company.

Remote reading

The state-of-the-art method for acquiring the water reading being currently used by the water companies is the IoT reading. To acquire data in this way, no reader service is required, who must contact customer and read physically the figure in the water meter in case of standard and physical reading. The water company instead installs smart IoT reading heads to the required points of supply, and the heads regularly for six years (up to 20 times a day) read the figure of the water meter and transmit it automatically to the SMG Server. In this way, the water company saves work of the readers and gets always updated and exact data on water consumption level and in addition, it is informed in real time about potential alarm conditions (e.g., freezing or flooding of the water meter).

IoT.water reading heads

IoT.water reading heads can communicate via several various IoT networks: NB-IoT, Sigfox, and LoRaWAN. Depending on data transfer configuration, the built-in battery life is up to 6 years. The configuration of the reading head occurs after physical

installation to the water meter using a user-friendly application. Immediately after installation and configuration, the reading head reads the figure of the water meter and send the acquired data to SMG Server where data may be viewed.

Integration with third-party manufacturers and systems

In case the water company has already an existing fit-out device for remote reading from other manufacturers, the SMG Server is ready to receive and process data from the reading heads by third parties or from external systems.

At this point, SMG Server supports full integration (i.e., fitting, operation, and diagnosis of the reading devices fully coordinated by the SMG Server) of the following types of the reading devices:

  • IoT.water NB-IoT/LoRa/Sigfox reading heads for Sensus/Itron water maters
  • Solidus Tech NB-IoT/LoRa reading heads
  • Softlink reading device Diehl
  • Hydrus smart water meters

In addition, the SMG Server is ready to integrate with the following external reading systems:

  • Softlink CEM
  • Sensus FlexNet
  • Diehl Metering IZAR PLUS

Data from the external systems are acquired using the existing REST API interface or other standard methods for structured data transmission.

Therefore, the SMG Server is a central collection point for the water company’s remote reading. It receives data both from reading devices as well as some various external reading systems. The SMG Server performs processing to standard and unified form and the SMG Client presents them to the user in a clearly arranged table and graphical format. Hence, the water company may effectively administer the installations of the reading devices and diagnose the data transfer.

Owing to the use of native installation applications, the position of the installed reading head is recorded in the course of installing, and saved to the SMG Server with the fitting attributes. It is further possible in SMG Client to work with map displays and visualize the currently installed reading heads on a clearly arranged map base.

Data transfer to the ZIS is-USYS®.net system

The ZIS is-USYS®.net is a customer system widely used by the water companies for (among others) collection of the reading data and followed billing. The SMG Server is fully integrated with the system, and the deployment of the so-called Smart Metering allows transmission of received reading data and alarm data in real time from any data source directly to the ZIS system. A correct register of all installed reading devices is being built in the ZIS system, and the water company may generate on one click all required invoices with accurate reading old not more than a couple of hours without the need of physical reading.

Walk-by reading

For the points of supply where the walk-by water meters are used to perform reading by radio, or where no such remote reading feature is not installed, the SMG Server offers a solution in the form of a Reading Path module. When combined with the SMG Mobile mobile app and the ZIS system, it can process the reading batches created in the ZIS system.

The reader equipped with a mobile phone with SMG Mobile app installed, receives in the mobile device the reading batches prepared and assigned to him/her. The reader may read Sensus, Itron, and Kamstrup water meters using the radio transmission in the field. In addition to the remote radio transfer, the reader may read physically through reading the figure from the dial of the water meter and write the data to the mobile application, or use OCR to fill in the figure automatically.

In addition to working with the reading, the reader may record various types of events in the field, for example change to contact to the point of supply, or inability to make reading due to absence of a contact person on site. In the course of the reading, the reader may create photo evidence.

While the readers are working in the field, the reader foreman may monitor the course of reading of the created batches using Reading Paths module in SMG Client web client. Here, all acquired data, photo evidence, and data synchronization status with the ZIS system is displayed in a well arranged manner.

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