Our solution

SMG Concept

A unique Smart Metering Grid concept acquires data sent via IoT networks from external systems, local wireless reading, as well as physical reading.
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Watermeter reading

Our company established in 2016 develops and implements a complex system
that modernizes, simplifies, and makes the process by which the water companies acquire data about consumed water cheaper.
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Digitalization of processes in water industry

Included in the activities of our company is the digitization of processes in the utility environment, which refers to replacement of paper processes by their electronic version.
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Counselling approach

Our involvement in the field of water industry and in particular of remote reading of water meters and digitization of processes in the water industry allows us to learn the environment and processes of the water companies.
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For users

In addition to shared experience and answers to frequently
asked questions, the user portal also provides options to download the latest documentation and client software.