In addition to third-party device integration, we also offer use of in-house technological solution from Czechia. We bring easy installation, use of the state-of-the-art procedures and transmission networks (NB-IoT, LoRaWAN, SIGFOX).

Digitalization of process

The solution we offer helps you to digitize the operation processes including reading processes, assembly, or inspection. Your switching to the mobile app saves not only the planet but time and money aswell
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Exploit expertise and experience of our consultants with many years of experience in the utility environment. We can help you to optimize internal processes, advise you on obtaining subsidies or help you create a long-term company-wide strategy.

System integration in the utility environment

We have been involved in the system integration in the field of water industry and other utilities since 2016. We offer a comprehensive system of remote reading and integration of third-party systems both for data acquisition as well as use and provision.

IoT water

Our expert team has long experience in the field of water industry as well as modern technologies for IoT-based (Internet of Things) data transfer. They mean a revolution in the consumption reading. Our company established in 2016 develops and delivers a comprehensive system for data acquisition and integration. In addition to devices manufactured by us we offer an option to use other reading technologies from external vendors, and integration of acquired data into various internal systems such as customer information systems, control systems, or energy management systems. We also offer an advanced modular mobile application to facilitate field activities to you and to your staff.


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