Advantages for water company
Advantages for customers


Have water consumption across your network under control through remote reading and configurable alarms
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Minimize the risk of error-related complaints from physical reading owing to digitization by a mobile app


Have all data and photos from reading
with real balances at hand as of a specific date right in your customer system


Save time of our staff so that they can perform their core activities that bring higher value to you


Minimize the risk associated with reading in hazardous shafts

Minimize costs

Respond to all network failures in time and minimize your costs related to the failures


The reading occurs without intruding of your privacy (property, land, apartment)


No more accidents
from self-reading. End of sham staff who
require access to your privacy on the false pretext of water reading
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Identification of problems

Have an option to respond to non-standard events, for example from your holiday, and treat yourself with peaceful mind.


Have your consumption
under control 24/7. Use mobile web apps to monitor your water consumption


Information sharing is easier than ever before. Configure your preferred form of communication and have
all under control

Extraordinary events

Keep yourself informed immediately about extraordinary events, such as extraordinary reading, flooding, or freezing of water meter

For users

In addition to shared experience and answers to frequently
asked questions, the user portal also provides options to download the latest documentation and client software.